Monday, June 15, 2009

Registration & Housing open for SC09

SC09 registration is now open. The event takes place November 14-20 in Portland, Oregon. SC09 housing registration is now open as well. Book your hotel rooms early to get the location you want.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

SC Summer Education Workshops

SC09 is accepting registrations from faculty right now for its summer workshop series. The workshops are aimed at undergraduate faculty who want to learn the tools and techniques needed to bring computational science into their curricula.

Workshop topics and dates

Introduction to Computational Thinking
July 5-11: Atlanta University Center
August 2- 8: University of Arkansas

Computational Biology for Biology Educators
June 7-13: University of California Merced

Computational Physics for Physics Educators
June 14-20: Widener University

Parallel Programming and Cluster Computing
June 7-13: Kean University
July 5-11: Louisiana State University
August 9-15: University of Oklahoma

Computational Sciences in the Grades 6-12 Classroom
July 12-18: University of Florida; Computational Engineering for Engineering Educators
July 12-18: Ohio Supercomputer Center

More info at

Saturday, June 06, 2009

Video: Home

See the full 93 minute film here.

I had some interesting discussions about sustainability this week at the SC09 committee meetings--things like how do we even have this discussion when our clusters are such power hungry beasts? And with all this Al Gore keynote business, are we emphasizing this topic too little or too much?

And then I saw this film and shared it's conclusion-- the time for pessimism has indeed passed. Only through sustainable technologies like renewable energy does this planet stand a chance.

That's going to require the best minds, the best science, the best supercomputing we as community can provide. Let's get on with it.