Monday, February 16, 2009

Coming to Portland? Twitter Connects you with the Locals

Portland has become the first U.S. city to launch an official "Twisitor Center." Much like traditional walk-in visitor centers, the new system uses Twitter technology to connect travelers with those who can answer their questions and help plan their trips.

"Other cities are connecting with visitors through Twitter," explained Martin Stoll, CEO of GoSeeTell Network, the company that created Portland's Twisitor Center concept. "But Portland is the first city to set up a virtual visitor center to which people can direct travel questions just by adding a simple tag to their tweets [messages]."

Twitter-users seeking information on Portland can add #inpdx to their questions. Tweets tagged with this code (also called a "hash tag") are sought out by Twisitor Center staff members who then send back suggestions. But the beauty of Twitter is that other users who aren't affiliated with Travel Portland can also chime in with additional tips. So, if a traveler tweets "Need a good BBQ place in Portland #inpdx," she could end up with suggestions from not only the Twisitor Center but also from anyone else - Portland residents, foodies, fellow travelers - in the Twitter community. Full Story

If you don't really get what Twitter is all about, this video should help:

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