Friday, November 13, 2009

SC09 Social Media Takes off With Purdue's Need4Feed

Social Media has already taken off at SC09!

Purdue University has developed a new Twitter analytics tool called that does an amazing job of aggregating all the #SC09 tweets into one place

How it Works:

A conference hash tag is the classic, "if a tree falls in the forest..." problem. If someone tweets the hash, and nobody is there to follow, does it make a sound? Sifting through conference backchannel banter can be an onerous task for anyone. With all the retweets, replies, comments and questions, it can be difficult to find that one, 140 character gem.

Need4feed is a Twitter analytics tool that analyzes tweets within the context of a conference hash tag - in this case #sc09. It uses an algorithm that examines responses to specific tweets, and builds a popularity ranking for that tweet. This ranking identifies those tweets that may have broad appeal for others using the same hash tag.

The popularity ranking comes in two flavors - those tweets that are popular now and those that have been popular overall. The 'now' ranking takes the approach, what is being discussed now is more popular than what was discussed an hour ago. The 'overall' ranking suggests that what was once popular will always be popular.

So now you can join in the fun! Twitter users, just add #sc09 to your tweets.

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